The light is on…

There is something inside each of Us.

Something that moves, and moves, and moves. And even if or when, all definitions and assertions, all certainty and clarity, all knowledge and wisdom, tell us softly or otherwise, teaches us academically or from the high seats of gods and goddesses and ancient gurus and whathave-yous, that something is finally and completely still, unmoving, finished; that something has reached its known end—therewithin is movement; therewithin are quiet and stormy seas; therewithin seasons change and suns and moons and planets and comets and infinite constellations dance and circle and fly and float and sing and question and hope and dream and live on and on and on and thrive for ever, lost … for ever traveling, for ever moving, for ever journeying. For ever. There Is No Stillness. No, that stillness historically taught and preached and aimed for as Nirvana, is the greatest illusion. There is not ever a stopping place or point or end… As we arrive, we depart; as we depart, we stay; as we reach mysterious and mystical ends, it begins. As we die, we live on. It begins anew. Not ever stopping.
Always moving. And, we, are unique seeds each, beginning to reach deeply within and deeply outwardly, on A Journey of Light. Like a tiny seed, we have begun to unfold and come out to greet Air and Light and Light and Light; as we simultaneously go seeking countless treasures underneath, way way way underneath all surfaces… And so, slowly, methodically and unscriptedly, we Evolve from within to move, to reach, to seek, to encounter and hold and let go and share, a constant sustenance, a constant guidance, a constant …and warm and always safe nourishing, A Constant Constant Constant Love to Grow! This Is Light. A Never-Ending Light. We Are Each A Light.

We have lived a long, too too too long false, unconscious tradition of learning to suffocate this Love, to diminish it, to not let it show and shine and be. We had. We had. We had.

There came somehow a darkness to attempt to alter what Is. And somehow, just as it came, it began to seek to grow. It began to mask itself as Love, and it has sought for long and in very clever—yet easily understood— ways, to create, to give “life” to a stage, a story, a book, where darkness and Light live side-by-side and fight each other for survival through epic battles into eternity. And to create the illusion and falsehood that in this fabricated play, we simply watch, and we simply delight in those battles, and that we choose to stay in the claws of those battles, chapter after chapter after chapter. And that we go on seeking that eternity that never ever comes! Darkness seeks to teach us, that without pain, there can be no Light nor Joy nor Love… that without falling, a Creature cannot ever truly appreciate the magic and wonder and beauty of flying… that without darkness itself, there can not ever be Light. And yet, and yet, and yet… As We Are Purely And Innately Born Flying, As We Are Born Into The Most Magnificent Of Flights, And As The Flight Is Within Us, As We Are Already Made of The Flight, As We Are Unique And Unified Flights Of Love—there is not ever a need to bow down to pain and thank it for having visited us and for having shown us (taught us) that after the most brutal of storms, comes Salvation; that after the bloody wars, come the most beautiful and powerful and redeeming Love; that after a long and desperate and seemingly unending Hunger, comes the most plentiful of all harvests; that after Time passes, for Time passes, comes resurrection, forgiveness, empathy, brother- and-sisterhood-and-onenesshood; that after and only after we have succumbed to darkness and followed its paths obediently and fallen and fallen and fallen a million Times over and a then a million Times over and over and over again, come the ultimate reward and prize and recognition and richness so abundant as to last us all all all Lifetimes… No. No. No. There is not, and there shall not ever be a need, nor a place for darkness! Rejoice! For always Rejoice in embracing The Light Of Love That Is Your Soul, My Soul, And The Souls Of All Beings & Things—visible or not, perceptible or not, definable or not, palpable or not to any or all of our Senses! Embrace the Peacefulness that all of Creation is made of Light, is made of Love: That All Is Love; That All Is Light.

We Are Living The Elevation Of This Consciousness From Within. Now. Every Single Moment. I Am Writing Love. You Are Writing Love. I Am The Words And The Letters And The Love. You Are The Word Love. We Live To Love. And We Die To Live Love. And Love Stops The Tickling Clock, For Ever: Love Becomes All Time Into Infinity. And So, One, By One, By One, The Whole Universe Is Lit Up, And For Ever More, So It Stays, So We Stay. So We Are. There is not a need or a place for darkness; darkness is no longer a Word. There is not ever a call for that which is not ever needed and not nourishing; there is no call for that which is not Light. Darkness disintegrates into non-existence from of all stories and books and memories and lives—a forgotten monster that came and ceased. There is no fight, no duals, no bloody wars, no disputes, no conquering, no happyendings, no desolation, no destruction: Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. We Are Made Of Love.

This wonderful day is here… Time Is Love!

Don’t ask me how I know this. Look There Within. Say, Hello, My Beautiful Soul, Let Us Go…

Evolution. Evolution. Evolution. Infinite Evolution. Movement. Movement. Movement…

by Jacqueline Boom-Boom’s
Soul & The Universe