The Art of Love by Jacqueline Boom-Boom

The Art Of Love:
The trajectory of my visual-creative works has been a constant examination of Time, and a constant effort to break down Time to non-existence. To free Myself, my Soul, of It, and to awaken Human Kind as much as possible to this, peacefully. It is a search for Light, a Light that is infinitely ON, once found, once felt, once understood, once Lit!

The range of works I selected to share at Subbotnik, includes some larger works I created when I first arrived in Berlin, at the very beginning of my „Time“ in Germany. In these, I combined found modern artifacts and the indelible, yet illusionary memories of Beings who passed through, physically left, but whose Souls permeate fully our current Lives here in this place and moment. The posters from gigantic clubs were scattered all over Berlin in such a way that they formed both gigantic, endless murals of over-consumerism and propaganda; and gigantic, endless murals of Humanity, of Our desires here, of what We wish ardently to share with One Another here. The old photographs are travels into Timeless Space: We were there, We are there, and We are here. Time ceases to exist. So, Then, What Of Our Souls? I Ask You, The Viewer, The Being Like Me, Looking At These Works: What Of Our Souls? What Of The Infinite Light Of Our Souls?
In the smaller works, which are part of a countless series of Wesen (Creatures), I became happily the vessel of Beings that truly nourish my writing, my drawing, and my freedom of expression. They are recognizable Creatures that, perhaps ultimately exactly like us, come to me, and once on the page, speak to me as I write their dialogues or monologues or wishes with one of my typewriters. These Creatures come literally from my Soul: there is no other way to try to explain or clarify this… they visit me, and this process is similar to Souls who softly speak up, asking to come live on the page (too) and to dialogue, to converse, to spark something of Love in Us. They are an unending story and mystery and expression of the Light of Love, of Love, pure and simply.
And, in a few installation works, I preserve, I bring to Life, Things that are so Alive to me, as if They were waiting me for all along. It is an encounter of Beings who journeyed toward One Another. Artifacts, Texts, Things Things Things, merge into One Another to ‚Hi, I Love You, I Do.‘
I feel and believe that I live Art, that I breathe It in my every day & moment as I wake up and go to sleep: My Room-Studio-Universe is my Home and my Sacred Place of Creation. Here I write, I give birth, I get silent, I dance, I go crazy, I meditate, I do yoga, I sing & make Music, I dream, I film & photograph, I fly, I seek & seek & seek… and here, my Soul shall always float, shall always find and create and see and be thankful for Contentment. For the countless immeasurable presents The Universe gives me, channels through me and through all Souls I encounter.
Brief Biography:
Born in Brazil, I moved to the United States at a younger age, and resided there for 20+ years, before finding and feeling Leipzig as my Home. Earlier in Life, I studied early childhood development, theater arts, art history and art, literature; never settling into the “school system” long enough to feel imprisoned by it; and not ever being given (to be fully honest) a full chance to excel in that system (Thank The Universe!!!). My artworks were exhibited quite extensively in solo and group shows in San Francisco and New York. And, in Berlin and Leipzig, I have also exhibited. Throughout my life, I have been writing and creating in different formats and mediums, non-stop, yet freely. It is a means of breathing, of living, and expressing a multitude of views, learnings, and feelings, and at the same time, timelessness. Creativity, to me, is not a job, nor a self-promotion thing: It is an infinite need and gift. One I am grateful to fully recognize, to realize, to share, to embody peacefully! I have a strong passion for making short experimental art-documentaries, having conceptualized and made the short I call “Doin’ It Right” (2014) and “Textilis 108” (2008); alongside many shorts yet to be exhibited. Music, Singing in particular, has evolved to be a constat Light in my Soul, guiding me to creative, colorful, experimental in nature, and full-on Love-Filled performances in varied venues, clubs, festivals and so on. There is a wonderful and lasting need in me to sing and perform for ever! I am also writing a yet-to-be-titled book, whose description eludes me now and then, for it is a developing intergalactic trip with no end! It came to me as I sat at bar in Berlin, at a very painful moment in my Life, looking at rolls of colorful bottles, lit by lights shooting from all directions, moving as each Being moved or a door opened or closed… there, on that night of unbeknownst growth, the initial title was and is “Her,” even though she-he assign or accept or need not a single label or specific description. The realization that I am a multitude of Beings is one of the most freeing things I could ever have wished for; something for which my gratitude overflows infinitely. All I do, I do with Love and full-on excitement and gratitude. It Is The Being I Am!!!

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